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Information Booklet for Parents and Students

Privileges are:

1.   To get rid of learning by rote.           
2.   To avoid private lessons.
3.   To discover our Students talents, Skills and Capabilities.



The letters represent the initials of “International General Certificate of Secondary Education”. It is supervised by University of Cambridge, Great Britain. It allows Egyptian Students to experience a British system of education without moving to England. A protocol was signed in 1990 between the ministries of education in both England and Egypt. Starting with the Secondary Stage only followed by 1998 amendments then the annex 3 and 4 in 2007 allowing primary and preparatory education to be included.


IGCSE prepares Egyptian Students to join local and international Universities with the following requirements:
1.    8 ordinary level subjects (To join all faculties except medicine and engineering).
2.    2 Advanced level subjects (To join medicine and engineering faculties).



A student who wishes to study Medicine should take the following subjects:
1.     0 Level English Language or Literature.
2.     0 Level Chemistry
3.     0 Level Physics
4.     0 Level  Accounting or Business or either Economics or Maths
5.    0 Level Biology
6.    A Level Biology

The rest of the subjects could be chosen according to the student’s choice.



O Level subjects are graded   * - A – B – C.  Any grade below C is considered failure and subject should be repeated or replaced by another subject, AS and AL subjects are graded   
* - A – B – C- D, from 2013. Grade E is accepted as pass only till November 2012.


*   = 100%
A   = 95%
B   = 85%
C   = 67.5%
D   = 60%
E   = 52%



A secondary stage student should study the required number of subjects within three academic years entering five exam Sessions (3 in June and 2 in November) to be admitted into university.


Does the IGCSE program offer literary Studies as well as science subjects?

There is always a chance for those who do not wish to join medicine or engineering and prefer to study literary subjects.   We offer:

1.   English Language
2.   English Literature
3.   French / German
4.   Art and Design
5.   History (of Europe)
6.   Sociology
7.   ICT (Computer studies)
8.   Economics / Business / Accounting.


Rules to join and transfer

1. Only language school students are allowed to transfer into the IGCSE program at any stage or school year on condition he/she should pass the national subjects of the previous year at his/her school.
2. Minimum age to join KG I is 3 years and 6 months and Grade (I) is 5 years and 6 month.


Grade (9) Core Level

It is the year prior to joining the secondary stage. It has nothing to do with joining university. It is a preparatory rehearsal year for students to know exactly how things are like in secondary stage. Every student studies five compulsory subjects:  English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and physics. Pass grades are C - D  - E -  F and G . (U) means failure.  Any U grade holder in any subject should repeat it and re- sit for the October/November Exam. A student may unfortunately repeat the whole of year 9 subjects he/she fails in the make up exam even in one subject.


Grade (8) – Checkpoint

It is a very critical year to decide the true academic standard of a student. During this year as in all previous years (KG-7) students study three subjects only: English, Maths and Science. The final exam results come out in the form of a scale from 1 – 6; example: students finds his/her (position) as follows: 2/6 in English, 4/6 in Maths and 5/6 in Science. It is not a mark or a grade, it is only sort of evaluation. This system applies also to CIPP (or grade 6 the final year of primary stage). There is no re exam (or failure) or repeating the school year.


Important Dates and occasions:
1. The school year commences on October 1st.
2. Final exam is the only source of counted grades.
3. November exam Session takes place starting mid-October.
4. June exam Session results come out mid-August while November results come out mid- January.
5. Registration for June exams starts mid-February while it starts mid-September for November exams.
6. All students of all stages should sit for National Subjects (in Arabic) except for foreigners and exempted Egyptians.


Information about joining IGCSE:
1. Students who pass the Egyptian (  إعداديه  ) G9 can  join the IGCSE and study 4 or 5 subjects.
2. They normally choose to re-study the same 5 subjects of Grade (9) again not as core level bus as extended Level.
3. Those who want to study engineering could skip Biology and those who wish to study Medicine could skip Maths.
4. New students are asked to offer:

  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of إعدادية
  • Transfer application signed and stamped from the educational government, to which the school belongs.
  •  Registration fees should be paid before 30th November.
5.  National Subjects are studied but no counted in the total grade.
6.  Students who do not wish to study Medicine or Engineering can study 8 ordinary subjects only.
7. Every student is allowed to sit only for five exam sessions. Any extra session would delete the first.
8. Office hours are offered for weak students.


Primary & Prep Exams:
1. Syllabuses are received through internet and books are chosen accordingly.
2. All teachers are accredited by the British Council in Cairo.
3. Each School is allowed to enter the Cambridge University site using password and username to get model exams.
4. Exam result come out mid-May.
5. No re-sitting of exams repeating the school year.
6. Students who get less than 30 % of the grade would be given technical assistance as a support for six weeks.
7. Grade 6 and Grade 8 exams come directly from England, marked in England as well and the School receives the results through the Internet.
8. Teachers of the early school years are foreigner.
9. Activities and Languages are added to School day schedule.


Concerning the 5 % accepted in University among International schools students:
1. The Egyptian   ثانوية عامه    students in 2010 are 450.000.
2. Half of them pass the exams and join Universities (about 225.000).
3. The 5 % is 11.250 students.
4. The Graduates of IGCSE + American Diploma + Back from Arab Countries are about 8.000 Students.
5. It is clear that the 5 % covers all the IGCSE students.
6. Is it known that private sector universities welcome IGCSE graduates.


Available Subjects for IGCSE students:

  1. Accounting
  2. Arabic
  3. Art
  4. Biology
  5. Business
  6. Chemistry
  7. Computer (ICT)
  8. Economics
  9. English Language
  10. English Literature
  11. History
  12. French
  13. Mathematics
  14. Physics
  15. Sociology
  16. Psychology

The above subjects are available on 0 Level, AS and AL.

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